Saturday, September 1, 2007

No Wheels

Just a reminder this Labor Day weekend, that bicycles are not allowed in the Austin Street park (Austin St. and 76th Rd.).

Lately, there have been kids riding bicycles around in what has traditionally been the toddler area and the little ones running around are going to get creamed. The sign at the front clearly says "No Bicycles, Scooters, or Roller Blades."

I know there's nowhere to ride a bike around AQUA, so if you can't make it to Forest Park a few blocks away, please keep the bikes and scooters around the benches area. Use your head and don't let your kid ride around the small jungle gym and swings. I know of at least one crash that resulted in a hurt little girl. It's common sense, just don't your kids ride around the toddler area/fountain. Thanks.