Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poll Closed, Uno Numero Uno

In a close race, Pizzeria Uno edged out Johnny Rockets 37% to 28% as Forest Hills favorite chain restaurant. TGI Friday's and Boston Chicken finished at 24% and 13% respectively.

While individual owned restaurants are the clear favorites among native Hillbillies (I kind of like the moniker), many of you suggested chains that might do well here. They are (with my italicized comments next to them):

Cheesecake Factory. Pass. You think we have weekenders now?

PF Chang's. Try East Ocean Palace or Tung Shing House. Better food, no three-hour wait.

Pinkberry. Never heard of it.

Legal Seafood. Nice. Too expensive for weekenders, and we really need a good seafood place. Only problem, where would it go. If Jade fails, start writing letters - I think it would be awesome.

Panera. I don't get the appeal - you can get the same quality bread at the bakery section of Stop and Shop. But people seem to love it.

Chipolte. I've heard a lot about this place. Joe the commenter suggested this link if you want to campaign for one. Good thing is they're all owned by corporate (like Trader Joe's) so maybe if they see enough support, they'll make a move. Write them at

As always, your comments are welcome whether attributed or anonymous. As far as the existing chains go, I think Johnny Rockets has the best service so I'd vote for them.