Thursday, September 6, 2007

Poll Closed, New Poll Open

The newstand nice guy vote has been called early due to lack of response. It goes to the Continental one outside the main subway entrance. All respondents get change from the NY Post in seven dimes and a nickel.

The new poll is about bike lanes. The City is making a big push to establish bike lanes, but seems to have forgotten about FoHi. We have none. One is proposed to go on Continental between Austin and Metropolitan, but has been since 1997 so don't hold your breath. I guess white paint is a tall order for the city. Either that or they still think our median age is 83.

So, with the city in a bike lane painting mood, our poll asks - where do you think we need them in Forest Hills?

I put up suggestions where I see the most bikers - but feel free to put your ideas in the comments section.

Above image is of proposed bike lanes for Forest Hills per the Department of Transportation. They've been proposed for years with no action taken.