Sunday, September 9, 2007

Return of the Cold War

First, our boy David Koptiev got his plans denied for a shopping center on Metropolitan. Then the city slapped a stop work order on the site when he went ahead anyway.

Now, those scary Russian restaurants/nightclubs/dance halls/gambling dens/concert venues/temples/catering halls/ in the depressing part of town have caught the eye of the city.

In the article in the Queens Tribune, both King David II and Da Mickelle have been issued multiple violations for various zoning infractions. From the Trib:

Last Saturday night, both were being used as venues for private parties. Wedding guests spilled out of King David. Inside a full band entertained and the dance floor filled with revelers. And across the street, a birthday party was being held at Da Mikelle II. Visitors from Russia, Israel and New Jersey paused for fresh air.

Ugh. Whether Italian, Persian, Russian or Israeli, there is no zipperhead worse than a New Jersey zipperhead. The article continues:

According to DOB spokeswoman Caroline Sullivan, six violations have been issued to the King David Restaurant since July 2006. “Four of these violations were for occupancy contrary to the certificate of occupancy or for altering the building without a valid certificate of occupancy,”

Da Mikelle's manager:

“I wasn’t aware that there was any dancing,” he said. “That’s news to me.” The manager went on to claim that the kitchen closes at 11 p.m. and had no comment regarding the late hours that guests remained inside the restaurant.

So good news for the neighbors who complained in this part of town, which I'm still unsure whether it's Forest Hills or Rego Park.

As for Koptiev on Metropolitan, I hope he gets he issues straightened out. What was there before was a horrible auto repair place and a small retail center would be a big improvement. And who knows, enough fighting down there might lead to the Da Mikelle owner to call Koptiev and ask him if he's interested in bailing on the shopping center idea and build a Da Mikelle III.