Monday, September 10, 2007

Reviews of Forest Hills Places Visited This Weekend

Austin Fancy Cut: Worst $12 haircut I've ever gotten - and I've gotten some bad $12 haircuts. I'll stick to the $12 barber next to Nicks (didn't feel like waiting).

Trade Fair: Out of bananas. Went to C-Town, where the fruit had mold on it. Went next door to Natural, ponied up and got organic fruit that looks like it came out of a magazine. Perfect.

Rite Aid (formerly Eckerd): Gotta clean this place up guys. It's not busy enough to be in such a shambles. But the employees are really nice and it's less than a block away.

Street Crossings: One incident where I screamed at a car, but otherwise pretty calm.

Sprint Store (my wife's phone broke): Left after ten minutes without the line moving once. I'd rather be at DMV than a cell phone store.

Ming's Laundry: Drop off in morning, ready that night. $31 for a bag full (didn't see the weight), plus separate bag with bedding. Between quarters and detergent, I figure it would have cost me $10 to do it myself, so it's a $20 luxury. Will make it up by making own dinner on Thursday, which is my take-out swing night. Can't do take-out Thursday following a Ming's week. Friday and Saturday are in no jeopardy.