Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Don't Go Down Without a Fight

Unlike the Mets, we fight till the finish. Last we saw, Fort Greene was kicking our ass in the quest to bring this faceless couple to their town. But that was hours ago. Now, in a stunning turn of events, the FoHi posse has come out in full force and posted 7 comments about the hood. Going both barrels, Peter even broke out the flickr pictures. Now she's posted this update:

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Your support means so much!

It's working! But will it be enough? Will their Sunday recruiting visit to Forest Hills be screwed up because of the street fair and they might think those people actually live in Forest Hills? On our side is that Fort Greene could give a rat's ass (as could 99% of us), but if effort counts for anything, we'll need another table setting at Nick's.

Decision 2007 starts here: