Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's a Win(dsor) Win(dsor) Situation!

Another 'You Heard It Here First' moment for Forest Hills 72 readers. Looking to give Johnny Rocket's a run for its money (money meaning about $14 for a burger/fries/drink/tip), Cheeburger is coming to Forest Hills (according to the real estate ad posted by Cord Meyer).

I've never heard of this place, but I remember the skit they stole the name from. Is it sit down service or fast food? Is it like In N Out burger (which is awesome)?

A lot of you wanted a notch-above fast food burger place in various 'what we need in Forest Hills' comments here and on Queens Central. I know Manhattan's Burgers and Cupcakes is always packed. As is 5 Brothers. Forest Hills is the first Cheeburger in NYC -if you don't count JFK terminal 6.

Since all the other neighboring tenants in the ad are within a block of the Windsor (the building being advertised) expect Cheeburger to be around there - probably on Queens Blvd, but that's a guess.