Monday, October 8, 2007

Better Laytner's Than Never

There's something very interesting brewing at the old Savvy space (thanks for the emailed tip). The Austin East store next to Austin House Diner was up for rent for a long time and the 'Space Available' sign has been taken down. In its place? A window filled with various colored bags from Laytners - the upscale home decor store. The bags are laid out up front - definitely strategically placed evenly apart, all upright with nothing in them. They currently have two locations - one on the Upper West Side and the other on the Upper East Side. Think a nicer Bed Bath and Beyond.

These bags are the only information we have - we have a yet-unanswered email into Laytner's. If it's true and they're coming here - it's a home run.

The clammoring for upscale retail has been deafening on the comments board (something I'm sure Leslie Brown will address during our Ask Leslie segment) and this would hit the mark. It's definitely a store for Forest Hills residents - not weekenders - and would FINALLY give us a reason to go to Austin Street on a Saturday.

Much more to come once we get official word, but if it's true it's a great day for Forest Hills. A store opening on Austin Street that caters to its residents. Well, at least ones not in the market for leopard-print leather jackets.