Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Concrete Jungle? Nice. . .gotta go!

The news that Austin Street is turning into a Concrete Jungle has taken literal meaning as a skateboard/tattoo culture (whatever that means) shop called Concrete Jungle has opened next to Corfu.

Of course, no sooner did they open their doors that other tenants took the next broken elevator down and got the hell out.

Queens Central and Curbed seem to think it's a great day for Forest Hills. And what's not to love about seeing some one getting pierced while chowing on souvlaki.
What about you? How long do you give a place like this?
(pictures above from Dakota Realty 4 You.)
10/18/07 Update: The verdict is in. 95% are reporting good vibes. Skateboards and Tattoo Culture for all!