Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forest Hills in 3 Blogs or Less

Remember that couple that were considering Forest Hills? Bad news for fellow Golden Girls fans:
As posted earlier, I had a sobering conversation with the Brooklyn agent about what we can and cannot afford, and we'll have the opportunity to see some things on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it, since I think Matt and I might enjoy brooklyn more than queens.

But who needs 'em?

here are all the things i love about forest hills:
1. strolling down austin street
1a. specifically, nick's pizza. apparently nick is part of the patsy grimaldi family. so, the pizza is just as good as grimaldis (yes, brooklyn doubters, trust me), BUT the interior has a classy decor and the people that work there are ridiculously nice. grimaldis - heavy mob influence & terrible service + bottled root beer & mets fans = nick's pizza. too good to be true.
2. giant trees. i told somebody the other day that our neighborhood reminded me of the avenues, with the clusters of huge trees sloping up the street. it took me a few hours to realize how asinine this statement is, considering our neighborhood is called forest hills. pretty much explains it all.

Yeah, screw 'em!

I'm really sorry I will miss this Walking Tour of Forest Hills, that tries to look at that community as Jane might have. I lived a lot of years there and it's an interesting place in that it combines an organic, Apartment based area with good public transit with a more planned "garden suburb" in a way that works pretty well. The apartments and denser housing provide a backbone and diversity to the area that makes for a nice shopping area and great transit access, while the Garden's offer isolation and natural beauty. Transit access to 71st Ave is very good.