Friday, October 5, 2007

Introducing. . .Ask Leslie

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Once in a great while a medium comes along that lets people communicate in ways never thought possible. Orson Wells tells us on the radio that little green men are invading Earth. Jack Kennedy defeats Dick Nixon in the nation's first televised debate. And now the Internet brings Forest Hills, Ask Leslie.

Leslie is Leslie Brown, President and Executive Director of the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce and she has been cool enough to agree to participate in a new Forest Hills 72 monthly segment called Ask Leslie - where YOU submit questions (which I will forward unedited) that she will answer.

We've all had suggestions/questions/complaints/praise for our Chamber of Commerce. Lord knows we all have opinions on incoming and outgoing tenants on Austin St. We've even had thoughts of how we'd do things differently. Well here's your chance to be heard by the top banana. Every month Leslie will pick between 3 and 5 questions and give you an inside look at how the Chamber operates.

Questions can be submitted via email to or just leave a comment - I will send to Ms. Brown on Tuesday morning. Learn more about the Chamber and its members at Well, what are you waiting for - go ahead and Ask Leslie!