Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leslie Asks

Follow up correspondence from Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce President Leslie Brown. (10:29am update - I should clarify, this was attached to the list of answers she sent already - but I wanted to separate it as its own post.)

OK…Now Here’s A Question For You All…

How many stores/businesses in Forest Hills contact you by e-mail to let you know about new merchandise, sales events, and special merchandise?

It is my goal for the future to get Forest Hills stores to take advantage of the powerful tool that is the internet. Please let the stores you do business with know that you’d like to hear from them online! How ‘bout it?

Send to: or just leave in the comments - or obviously you can go directly to the store that you want to correspond with.

I'll start: Leslie, I don't get emails from various stores but would love the circulars from Trade Fair to be sent electronically, as it's more environmently friendly and it doesn't clutter up my building's vestibule. Also, I've heard a lot about Concrete Jungle, but had a misunderstanding about what it offered. I'd love a 'New Business Monthly' that highlights new businesses in our town and what they offer. Thanks!!!