Thursday, October 11, 2007

NY Sun

The New York Sun has an excellent piece on Forest Hills Gardens, which goes into a little deeper detail than most real estate puff pieces. It's written by Francis Morrone who's leading a Forest Hills tour on Saturday October 20th. Highly recommended reading and tour.

To step from throbbing Continental Avenue with its McDonald's and Duane Reade and Staples ( operating from nicely designed commercial buildings meant to complement the Gardens' design), through the portal of the L.I.R.R. viaduct, thence via Station Square into the verdant wonderland of the Gardens proper has got to be as rich an architectural experience as New York offers.

I do wonder why Station Square's storefronts aren't more successful than they are, and why, for example, a first-rate restaurant can't be there, or a café that spills tables onto the plaza. It's true that mere steps away bustles greater Forest Hills with its intensity of commerce and high-rise buildings resembling parts of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Still, the Station Square setting beguiles, and I'd be obliged if any reader could tell me why the space appears to have stagnated commercially.

Greater Forest Hills offers many dining options, but I always return to Nick's, a bright, sleekly designed, and altogether fabulous pizzeria on Ascan Avenue, just off Austin and just steps outside the Gardens.

Interesting questions about why Station Square businesses are ghost towns compared to Austin Street ones. I can give my answer. Dry cleaners? I have several much closer. Jade? Not with a two-year old, and in our rare nights out, my wife and I aren't going to chance mediocrity. We're going with Danny Brown's or La Tavernetta. Dirty Pierre's? Don't drink. Bartinis? My windows aren't tinted enough (how the hell did this place get in the Gardens anyway). Sarah Jones Realty? They're snobs. Did I miss anything?

Anyway, the story asks for comments so feel free to represent