Friday, October 26, 2007

Opening Day

It's finally here. There's not much to add except for welcome. Let's take a look at some of today's winners and losers:

  • The residents of Forest Hills. No question, this is a big day for the town - up there with the openings of Nick's Pizza and Barnes and Noble.
  • 7-11 on Metropolitan. Looking surprisingly desolate since it opened early in summer, you gotta expect a lot of Big Gulp thirsty people on their way to/from TJ's.
  • Danny Brown. Gutsy choice of location pays off. This Saturday night mainstay will definitely see an increased weekday crowd as people from all over make the trek for Thai-spiced cashews.
  • Parkside Players. This little known theatre troupe is right in the heart of the Metropolitan Ave. rebirth and hopefully will work in some tie-ins with Trader Joe's - whose clientele will certainly be in the theatre's demographic.
  • Trader Joe's. Place will be packed from 9 to 9, 7 days a week.


  • Natural. I'll still go there, but probably not 3 times a week as I currently do. Still the best fruit in the city and gourmet items you can't get anywhere else (including TJ's). Location is superior to Trader Joe's so store will be fine. Hopefully prices will come down just a little, but there is a price to pay for fresh items so if it doesn't it doesn't.
  • Stop and Shop. Trade Fair for necessities and TJ's when we feel like getting the car. Gotta imagine that thought process will be popular in Forest Hills. Large families from Central Queens will still flock here so store will be fine.
  • Amish Market. Takes a huge hit with TJ's opening a few blocks away from Atlas Park. The $3 parking charge is already tough for a supermarket to overcome and now that TJ's is closer for a lot of people, don't know if this place can make it. For some reason, I never felt that they were that into it from the beginning and the staff was unusually disinterested from day one.

Welcome to Forest Hills Trader Joe's. See you Sunday morning!