Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Park It Here November 29th

Important Note: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot//html/pr2007/pr07_98.shtml

Workshops to Address Neighborhood ParkingMeetings in 7 neighborhoods to help review possible congestion pricing impacts

The City Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced public workshops in seven neighborhoods to address residents' concerns about the possible impact of congestion pricing on neighborhood parking. The workshops will be the basis for DOT to potentially develop plans to address any “park and ride” activity if such impacts result from congestion pricing in areas near subway stations and transit hubs outside the charging zone.

The study areas, which display a range of parking-related conditions, were selected based on their representative characteristics and their ability to inform parking strategies that can be applied citywide.

Neighborhood Parking Workshop Schedule - First Round:
Upper East Side, Manhattan: November 19

Atlantic/4th/Flatbush Avenues Area, Brooklyn: November 27
Central Harlem, Manhattan: November 28
Forest Hills, Queens: November 29
Long Island City, Queens: November TBD

I'm psyched they included Forest Hills, realizing it's the only neighborhood on the list that has both express subway and LIRR. You bet I'm going to this, as should you. Hopefully we'll get residents-only parking permit out of it, as most cities already have.

Congestion Pricing will definitely increase the already-high number of park and riders. The plan doesn't make sense for anyone outside Manhattan and I'm curious to see how they'll sell it.