Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post-Game Ask Leslie Part 2

Laytner's. Here's an upscale store - yes it's upscale - that is venturing off the isle of Manhattan straight onto Austin Street. It's a huge gain for Austin East, which reclaims some of its 'more upscale than Austin West' rep.

Other news, Austin West welcomes Via Veneto which is next to Children's Place. It replaces 'Sparkle' and it upsets those of us dying to see the Sparkle vs GemStory cheap accessory steel cage death match. Via Veneto, which I think has stores in the uncool parts of Brooklyn, is welcome and actually looks like it has decent stuff.

But back to Laytner's. For those of us forever complaining about weekenders or trashy stores (including myself) you have to go and support this place. Don't go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot. Go here. Go to Spin City. Go to Emilio Ski Shop. Go to Nick's. Go to Cheese of the World. Go to Natural. Go to Sakura Ya. Go to the places that you want more of. We have more than you think.

Because for all the ridiculous bashing that Forest Hills gets on this board, Laytner's would never open a store on Steinway Street.