Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stop Improving This Neighborhood!

That run down building next to the new Trader Joe's we wrote about a few weeks back? The top floor is going to be a Sleepy's Mattress showroom. It was first reported by Alex Christodoulides of the Forest Hills Ledger and then confirmed in the Queenscentral.com forums. Okay, so a Sleepy's is disappointing - but it's the second floor and there are still three more big spaces to be occupied on the first floor.

More disappointing is the stop work order issued in response to a caller complaining about the lack of permits posted at the site. Who the hell would complain about this piece of shit building next to the fleabag Haven Motel being renovated by the team that brought us Trader Joe's?

I understand the Dept. of Buildings has to follow the law so you can't blame them. But jeez, get a hobby. Most of these get resolved pretty quickly ("okay, how much this time") so this is probably just a bump in the road.
photo courtesy of www.RKF.com