Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trader Joe's - Better Than Advertised

By now, most people have given their accounts of the new Trader Joe's and I don't have much to add - except it's the best retail store to ever come to Forest Hills. It's bigger than the ones on Long Island. It's brighter (even on a rain-soaked Saturday morning) thanks to huge windows that line the front of the store. And it was so nice to be greeted with a smile rather than a rude gum-smacking Key Food cashier eating a bag of barbecue potato chips as she's taking cell phone calls. We're emancipated from the rude and inconsiderate oppessors that were Forest Hills supermarkets. And I hope they all go under.

Let's talk about the crowds for a minute. I've read some people write that it was 'crazy.' I went at 10:45am on Saturday, got a spot right out front and there was NO line to check out. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to wait to check out of a supermarket. Yes there were some old people pushing around empty carts seeing what the fuss is about, but they'll go back to Stop and Shop this week.

But getting back to people saying Trader Joe's was a madhouse this weekend. You think that was crazy? Have you been to the one at Union Square - it's like going to Disneyland. But instead of getting on a ride, you're buying meatless meatballs. Whole Foods with its 30-minute waits and color-coded checkout system is like being in Gattaca (jokes courtesy of my wife). For an opening Saturday of the most hyped supermarket ever to open in Queens, it was nothing. At worst, it was as busy as any other supermarket on a Saturday.

Let's review:


Not Crazy:

Union Square TJ's photo courtesy of Max Kalehhoff.
Forest Hills TJ's Saturday 10:45am courtesy of Forest Hills 72.

Much more to come regarding opening weekend.