Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ch ch ch Changes?

Remember that very valuable piece of commercial real estate, which is being occupied by such A-listers as Kick Up, Novo 64 sales office, and Garo's Bootery? And remember a big project to expand the site was denied by the city?

Well, another application was put into the department of buildings for some kind of work - though it's hard to decipher what. Could be installing a new gas meter for all we know. There's one item of interest on the application. That's the applicant - Design Forum Engineering of Dayton, OH.

Here's their site - some pretty big clients: http://www.designforum.com/HTML%20Alt%20Site/index_new.asp. Clients of note - Bed Bath and Beyond, Wild Oats Food Store, and Ann Taylor (though we might have reached saturation in the Ann Taylor market).

I don't know what the application is for - but would you hire a huge design firm from Dayton, OH to just to install a bathroom. Sounds big, maybe someone can read through the application and figure it out. http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/JobDetailsServlet?requestid=5&allisn=0001446238&allboroughname=&allnumbhous=&allstrt= Just one request - no mentions of the building behind Gerard Towers. Enough with that already.

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Photo courtesy of www.Bridgeandtunnelclub.com