Friday, November 30, 2007


If you want residential parking permits, write a note to PlaNYC Workshops on Neighborhood Parking and fax it to 917-339-1068. Or you can email

I stopped by the forum last night and it's a real possibility. Residential parking permits are necessary if congestion pricing goes into effect. Don't base assumptions on the $8 charge, because it'll be a miracle if it stays at $8 by the afternoon commute home on the first day. It's going up and up until the cars stop coming. And then they'll come here.

Make sure you put your name and address in the letter or email and say why you think we need residential parking permits.

If you don't write and Brooklyn Heights/Astoria gets parking permits while we host commuters from around the borough and LI, you can't complain. The DOT put a lot of effort into last night's discussion and it was all about Forest Hills. They're obviously ready to give us something, but we have to show we want it.