Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Final Grades:

It's our final Halloween post here for 2007, so let's dole out our annual Halloween final grades.

Burns St.: A -
More done up houses last year, but still the place to be on Halloween.

My building: F
Love the building, love the block, love the character. Hate the apathy - but I guess some people just want to be left alone.

PS 101: A
Nice party on Sunday.

Arbor Close/Forest Close: A
People who answered were genuinely happy to hand out candy, and I hope they know what an impact that makes on a two-year old. One particular group of teenage girls with their hair in huge beehives were the best, followed closely by either an Irishman or Scott, but who was entertaining all who came by.

Church in the Gardens: A
All the teachers dress up and they really do it up.

Austin St: D
Some shopkeepers did well, but too many including The Body Shop posted 'No Candy' signs in the morning, and others posted 'No More Candy' early afternoon. Uncool.

Micciche (spelling?) A
Always great to see the workers in full Halloween garb.

Asian family in Pinang who waved at us with huge smiles A+
It's little things like that make Forest Hills the greatest place in the city.