Monday, November 12, 2007

The Laytner's Show (the online arm of the Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce) has a nice write up on Laytner's coming to Forest Hills.


"This is a neighborhood where shoppers appreciate value and quality," Laytner said. "We believe our type of service oriented, personable store will appeal to our Forest Hills neighbors."

Besides linen, bath and gift items, Laytner's will also carry furniture geared to New York City living. "We've been selling to the space-challenged for 46 years and our furniture is scaled for urban spaces," Laytner said.

It's going to be more expensive than Ikea or Target, but please give this place first dibs when shopping for furniture. I can understand redoing a kitchen, which is a $10k job. But if it comes down to $300 for the Ikea breakfast table and $395 for Laytner's, don't drive to Hicksville and complain that there are no good Mom and Pop stores on Austin Street. This Upper East/West mainstay is a home run and we have to support it.