Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lots of Changes on Metropolitan

A lot of recent talk about the new schools, Trader Joe's, Michaels, and everything else Woodhaven/Metropolitan. Here is a map with a key to help decipher the ever changing landscape.

About that school, details are slowly coming out. Turns out it will house 1900 students. To put things in perspective, Forest Hills HS has 3850 and yet the surrouding area hasn't been burned down yet. 1000 will be high school students, 700 will be junior high students. And 200 will be troublemakers, I mean special needs students.

The schools will be locally zoned so hopefully it will serve Forest Hills residents who are now ridiculously zoned for Hillcrest HS in Jamaica.

Yes, there will be students around Metropolitan near Woodhaven. And yes, it's possible that some might even (gasp) walk down your block after school. But we need schools so bad that you can't be against this. You just can't. The overcrowding crisis is destroying educations. Capacity is at 138% at Forest Hills High Schools. Some kids are eating lunch at 9am due to drastically staggered schedules. And where else are you going to find undeveloped land in Forest Hills? This a home run.
  1. (editor's note - the Non-Asian Zipperhead Expressway. I tried to think of another name for Zipperheads (boom-car, halogen light, Nissan/Hummer, club-music blaring, guido wannabe's) but I couldn't. I think everyone knows I don't mean Asians when I say it, so I'm using the term).