Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots of Tricks to go Around

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. On my way to the LIRR this morning, I noticed so many "Sorry No More Candy" signs posted in the windows. We stayed in AQUA and hit Austin Street early enough so it didn't affect us, but our kid didn't have school yesterday. The Arbor Close/Forest Close row houses were terrific. And Burns Street in the Gardens is Halloween Central.

Quick note to all shopkeepers on Austin Street. Buy enough candy. I'm sick of "No More Candy" signs and I've heard reports that some stores were putting them up at 4pm. People flock to Forest Hills to trick or treat and there's absolutely NO downside to that. I consider it an honor that we're overrun with parents and kids coming here every October 31st. You can get 360 lollipops for $18. So invest $54 and get over 1000 pops. You're not getting 1000 kids.

I even noticed a 'No More Candy' at Viva Bimbi - that's a children's store. I saw the same thing last year at Children's Place. Can you imagine? That's Superbowl Sunday for kids stores.

Feel free to post in the comments any stores you saw run out of candy early. Also, post the ones that didn't. The stationary stores east of Continental were exceptional and Body and Sole was out front handing out candy which was nice to see. Also the firehouse on QB in AQUA is always welcoming. Lots of kids and cameras.

I don't mean to sound like an ingrate, but kids get sad when to come here to trick or treat and everyone has 'Sorry, No More Candy' signs posted. So next time they try to sell you something say "Sorry, No More Money."