Monday, November 12, 2007

On the Busts of Neighborhoods

New York Magazine has a long article on Red Hook. Some might remember that Red Hook and Forest Hills are forever linked by the blog post heard round the world which kicked off the Forest Hills online age. I call it the "London Calling" of blog posts and I am eternally grateful. Excerpts from the classic work which explored why Forest Hills isn't hip:

I hopped back on the subway to check out a neighborhood everybody’s talking about: Red Hook.

When I got off the subway. . . There was a bus ready to pull away for Red Hook, but I decided to walk anyway. Big mistake. The walk was, well, kind of terrifying. I was accosted two minutes in by a guy named Marty.

The NY Mag article says that the maritime Red Hook's gentrification has turned into defecation and all the hip stores that Backburner was so jealous of have shipped out. It's midnight for Brooklyn's Cinderella. Guess bad schools, horrid commute, crime, and no housing isn't all it's cracked is whacked up to be. Moral of the story, be careful what you wish for - it's better in Forest Hills.

As far that guy who wrote the Backburner post, I heard he started some other website about Central Queens. Word is, despite Forest Hills superiority in almost every way, he's still pining away for that Brooklyn hipness validation.

The Curbed pick ups:

The New York Magazine article on Red Hook: