Monday, November 12, 2007

Opa! Greek Movie Week Now at Cinemart!

A few days late, but I just found this on some random website. I wish I'd know about these things. . .

The films being screened at the Greek Film Festival in New York, held in Manhattan at Cinema Village from November 2-8, and at CineMart Cinema in Forest Hills Queens, NY from November 9-15, reflect a new trend that began to emerge in Greek film after 2000, says Dan Georgakas, Festival Programmer.Greek films during the 1950-70-studio era were mainly comedies, melodramas, and musicals, with an emphasis on entertainment and performers, but after the 1974 fall of the junta, the director and his artistic vision were paramount. However, after 2000, when Safe Sex was released, although the focus still remains on the personal vision and style of the director, increasingly more attention is given to themes and formats that appeal to the popular imagination. “The directorʼs cinema is giving way to a hybrid cinema that seeks to combine the virtues of its predecessors,” says Georgakas.

The films in the festival reflect that new trend. They are Brides, Chariton's Choir; The Wake; Back Door; A Touch of Spice; Heart of the Beast, Kalipolis; Dust; Hostage; and Red Thursday, and four documentaries, Buzz, Who's On First?, Song of Life, and Cosmopolis.

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