Thursday, November 1, 2007

Plaza Sweet!


The City is taking away non-essential road space in certain communities and putting in public plazas. From

Pedestrians & Sidewalks Public Plazas

PlaNYC, the City's long term sustainability plan, calls for increasing New Yorkers' access to public space. One initiative, which the DOT is leading, is to create public plazas in each community in New York City. There are approximately 31 public plaza projects in various stages of development across NYC. DOT has established a goal to have 20 of these projects under construction by 2009.

The agency will work with Community Boards, community groups and residents to inventory other locations and identify sites for new or enhanced plazas in every community wide by 2030. Each plaza will be located and planned to serve local needs and in accordance with the character of the community.

There are already three plazas built or in development.

Willoughby Street Plaza, Downtown Brooklyn

Pearl Street Plaza, DUMBO Brooklyn

9th Avenue and W. 14th Street, Manhattan

In the first three plazas (in, surprise, Brooklyn and Manhattan), they took high-pedestrian areas and turned a small parking lot or car lane into a plaza. So, it's time to put your Urban Planner hats on and suggest ideal spots for such a plaza for Forest Hills.

Station Square is obvious, but it's private land or something like that so it might get bogged down in red tape. So excluding the Gardens, where do you think we can take away a small parking area or unnecessary car lane and turn it into a public plaza?

I'll put the best suggestions in a Forest Hills 72 Poll and the top three vote getters will be sent to Melinda Katz. Or you could just bypass this silly process and write or call Katz yourself.

And your mark. . .get set. . .Plan!

Before/After pictures are of Willoughby St. courtesty of