Friday, December 28, 2007

All UJ's All The Time

More UJ's closing coverage, which was first reported here. And by "here" I mean the QueensCentral forums.

Here's a Daily News article about it.

Money Quote: "Online Buildings Department records do not yet hint at what could move into the vacant space between Austin St. and Queens Blvd. Rumors connect it to a Japanese restaurant."

Japanese restaurant? Is Narita moving next door? I hope so, I'd hate Roger Staubach to kick them out for a Ruby Tuesday's. Speaking of Narita, don't know if anyone's following the Best Restaurant poll, but Narita is doing surprising well. Almost suspiciously well, considering they were an also ran until about 1oam yesterday when they surged past everybody. Narita? More like Mike Huckabee-arita.