Saturday, December 22, 2007

And Then There Were Ten

Top 10 in no order - voting to the right ------>

Q, A Thai Bistro
Peking Duck Forest
Nick's Pizza
The Family Restaurant
PJ's Steakhouse

Danny Brown's Wine Bar and Kitchen
Dirty Pierre's
Portofino * *

* - Due to formatting problems (which a commenter alerted me to), we have two groups of five on the polls. In the interest of fairness, I had to restart the voting. Please vote again but in only one of the two groups. I've also extended the voting period to make sure lost votes had a chance to be recast.

50 went in. 10 are left. While some regionals had definitely tougher brackets than others (the Q Thai regional could have yielded any of the five), it's hard to dispute the final contestants. Be proud that though chains were included, none fared very well - unlike other cities. Great voting, hard to dispute any of the finalists.

** = wildcard entry