Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Best Transformation

Contrary to Astoria loving anonymous real estate pro commenters, Forest Hills has seen some pretty good storefront transformations in 2007. While they have been some turkeys (Art World to Gemstory), there have been twice as many winners. This Forest Hills Seventy Deuce is for Best Transformation. And the nominees are:

T-Mobile becomes. . . Martha's Country Bakery
Why vote for me: Replacing an Austin Street cell-phone store with a sit-down bakery cafe? What else do you want?

Savvy becomes. . . Laytner's.
Why vote for me: I shlepped all the way out from the Upper West Side and kicked out a cheesy women's boutique and replaced it with hip home decor stuff and furniture. Did I mention I was from the Upper West Side?

Copy Shop becomes. . . My Kitchen:
Why vote for me: When was the last time you went into copy shop? Unless you're printing 10,000 annoying flyers to put on windshields, you haven't been one in years. Now, how about a cool restaurant - yeah, that you might use.

Abandoned Printing Press becomes. . . Trader Joe's
Why vote for me: No campaigning necessary.

Hair Salon becomes. . . Concrete Jungle
Why vote for me: Who doesn't like a little tattoo culture every now and then. And even though we skaters never really land any of our jumps, at least we're not breaking into cars. But seriously folks, it's not easy making Forest Hills hip, but at least we're trying.