Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Better Pizza in AQUA?

AQUA residents like myself have limited options when it comes to delivery pizza. AJ's takes over an hour. Nick's doesn't deliver and The Family Restaurant and Portofino aren't very good - and they don't deliver anyway.

Cue the arrival of Lorento Pizza, whose menu which was handed to me today announced:

Under New Management

Marie Grasso welcomes you to taste her added new delicious recipies originally from Majestic - Voted #1 Pizza by New York Magazine

I assume they mean Majestic on Cortlandt St, down by the World Trade Center. Grasso didn't own Majestic, because the owner is in a bunch of Ground Zero related articles and his name ain't Marie. But maybe she worked there and bought into Lorento. Who knows (or cares).

But if it's a new pizza place that will deliver within the hour, I'm in. Warning sign - the menu has falafel and cheese fries. What is that, Northern Italian?

If you've tried the new Lorento - post it here. Lorento's by Kinko's in AQUA. 718-261-5900 (good phone number at least).