Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's wrap up the restaurant regionals with some heavyweights. Yes, some of the restaurants are no longer with us, and we tragically lost one outstanding chef way too early. So some of these feel a bit weird, I know. But it's a 2007 award so vote on who you think was the year's best. These will round out the final 10.

Best Bar and Grill:

Danny Brown's
Mardi Gras
Wine Gallery
Irish Cottage

Best Steakhouse:

Santa Fe Steakhouse
PJ's Steakhouse
Uncle Joe's Steakhouse
Tango Mambo

Best Restaurant You Haven't Been To Since You Moved Here But Have Been Meaning To:

Network Cafe
Dirty Pierre's
My Kitchen
Dream Cafe
Midori Matsu

Da Silvana
Thai Austin
Thai Pot