Friday, December 7, 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award (Business Category).

This Seventy Deuce will be hard - I do not envy you. These and many others are all deserving, and they will all get theirs eventually. But only one can be first. Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit the Seventy Deuce for Lifetime Achievement in Forest Hills. Your nominees:

Knish Nosh:

Why you should vote for it. A hit since it opened in 1952, Forest Hills is Knish Nosh and vice versa. It defines our town, like Zabar's to the Upper West Side or Nathan's to Coney Island.

Only drawback: They ditched the neon sign.

Buster Brown:

Why you should vote for it: Established a beachhead on Austin Street and has remained for more than 50 years. Has persevered in the face of rising rents, looming banks, and cheesier shoe stores encroaching.

Only drawback: God forbid it closes, can get the shoes elsewhere (though that kind of adds to the charm of its endurance)

Krause's Candy Kitchen:

Why you should vote for it: Open since 1930 (1930!) this chocolate specialist doesn't rest on its history and still pumps out world class chocolate. Puts Godiva to shame.

Only drawback: Doesn't have the name recognition as other contenders.

Eddie's Sweet Shop:

Why you should vote for it. Our most famous dining landmark. Makes their own whipped cream and one of only two places in New York City that makes real malteds. A truly world famous legendary ice cream parlor.

Only drawback: Ice cream could be better, but who cares.