Friday, December 14, 2007

Quick Austin St. Update

Sorry I haven't been able post that much lately. Here's a little of what's going on.

Rogue is out of business and the space is for rent, only until 4/1/08 - then you gotta clear out, I guess because that's when they start construction on the Staubach Center. Don't know who's going to sublease a store for three months, but that's the deal.

Christine's on 71st Rd (across from Windsor) is going out of business. That block has so much potential. It's relatively quiet, has a nice garage, and is a block away from Continental. But now it's home to a cheap barber (Austin Fancy Cut), a huge Liberty Travel (do people still use travel agencies?) and a copying place.

Mandee's down by Barnes and Nobel is going out of business, but I don't know about Annie Sez. I'm late on this one, most of you know about it already. But it's a nice space and it should get a boost.

We have a new psychic in town. The psychic took the rather large space between Corfu and Crepe and Terria in lovely Condo Tower III. Guess a Cosi wasn't in the cards.

Laytner's basement is open and has nice furniture. Floor models are 30% off.

Inside NYC has been rented, no word on the tenant. I'm guessing another clothing store.