Monday, December 17, 2007

See U (Js) Later

Big news out of the Queens Central forums. UJ's Luncheonette has closed. Winner of Forest Hills best place to eat alone according to our polls, apparently the rent was too high. That, and the Johnny Rocket's and upcoming Cheeburger kinda saturated the retro diner market.

Seems obvious now that the October guessing game (about the commercial listing for dream restaurant location) has been answered. Congratulations Jayne, who correctly guessed "the old fashioned diner on 70th Rd."

Unfortunately it was only yesterday that people were commenting that UJ's was the best diner in Forest Hills.

My 72 cents? I really liked the guys who worked there. I thought the food was overpriced for a diner, but it was decent. But UJ's could have been so much better. Dim lighting, bad bathrooms, musty all-around feel, it just wasn't a great dining experience the last few years.

But the people were great and I wish them well. They always remembered us even though we only went there once every few months.

With Rouge and UJ's now belly up, weekend breakfasts in Forest Hills went from tough to damn-near impossible.