Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Mas

The Empanada place on Austin near Ascan closed. Not a surprise, empanadas don't deserve an entire restaurant devoted to them.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

7-11 on Metropolitan

There's going to be a 7-11 on Metropolitan Ave. next to Commerce Bank (at Continental). It's not as big a deal as the locals make it out to be in the article but maybe some of the Rego Park taggin' teens will go there instead of Station Square.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forest Hills Theater

Don't Drink the Water is being performed this weekend by the Parkside Players. I've never heard of it, but for $12 you get to see your neighbors put on a show. If you dig it, try out for the next one. Go and walk to DB's afterwards and get drunk and talk about it. It's better than Raising Hanibal at the Brandon and dinner at Sgt. Garcias.
The theater/church/school is at Continental and Union Tkpe.


Forest Hills Hotel

This idea is still floating around. It's a luxury hotel where the Ann Taylor Loft is now. Heskel means well and his buildings are definitely the best in the area, but this is a disaster unless we change the traffic patterns.

Austin Street is too narrow as it is, with a car trying to parallel park blocking traffic all down the street both ways. It takes two-three lights to make it through the Austin/Continental intersection on a good day. Then you've got the idiots and the mid-block U-turns. And Heskel wants to add a hotel and a bunch of big chain restaurants right in the middle of it? Even the picture can't be built, Austin St. is much smaller than that, those cars out front would be on the sidewalk.

Plus, why would Heskel want to build, in his words, a "mini-Manhattan" when there's a competing Manhattan 6 miles west? You think we can win that fight?

For this to happen, you have turn Austin St. into a wider one way street and eliminate all street parking, stopping the double parking and U-turns (tell everyone to pay $10 to park in the lot or take one of many public transport options).

But discussing it is a waste of time because there's no way this thing is getting built.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Welcome to Forest Hills 72

Here are the areas of Forest Hills and what you need to know about them.

1. AQUA. The area bordered by Ascan Ave, Queens Blvd. Union Turnpike, Austin St. It's a lame name, but I couldn't think of anything else. Anyway, this is where I live and so do a lot of people with toddlers. It's a similar demographic to Brooklyn's Park Slope. Advantages - proximity to Ascan/Austin intersection. PS 101 School in the Gardens. Close to LIRR (best way to get in/out of city), Great looking pre-wars. Disadvantages: Parking. Other areas are jealous of: Nick's Pizza.

2. Gardens - The nicest area in New York City. Other areas are jealous of: Flagpole Park/parking passes.

3. Van Court - Underrated. One notch below Gardens. Great attached houses, very quiet. Other areas are jealous of: Wine Shop on 69th Ave.

4. Archie Bunker Houses near Metropolitan - Ugly, but very practical. Much larger than apartments and unattached. Only bad part is absolutely no yard. Other areas are jealous of: Danny Brown's and soon to be Trader Joe's.

5. Forest Hills North. Don't know it too well. Advantages - excellent school (196). Easy access to Grand Central. Disadvantages - too many Russians buying and tearing down houses. Have to cross Queens Blvd to do anything on foot. Other areas are jealous of: Newly Refurbished Forest Hills Library.