Thursday, January 3, 2008

Austin Street In Transition

More openings closings on our most loved/hated commercial street.

Laila Rowe is gone. The Atlas Park location remains. No word on a new tenant.

Inside NYC, a ladies clothing store is gone. In its place is a ladies clothing store which looks like will open today.

Garo's Bootery in direct path of the Staubach Center Express has posted their Lost Our Lease sign. It's the exact same one found in the Viva Bimbi window. Wonder if Roger handed them out for Christmas.

Hair Salon next to Concrete Jungle, gone.

However you'll be happy to know that both Beach Bum Tanning's are still alive and kicking. On New Year's Eve, I saw a guy outside the 73rd Rd. location who was either a customer or employee (I can never tell who because all that store is is people hanging out on the leather couches). Anyway, the guy was outside smoking a cigarette (a prerequisite for Beach Bum Tanning employees) and was wearing a I Love NY t-shirt with the heart of "love" replaced with a pot leaf. Then he goes back inside to hang out or work or get a beach bum tan. What is going on there?