Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catching Up. . .

News notes:

Chez Moi has a moving sale sign posted in the window. It's in a great spot right across from Sephora so hopefully something good will move in.

Natural's expansion is finished and it looks great. It's much more open. The new space is mostly organic stuff.

Mandees/Annie Sez is gone.

Leather Connection is going out of business.

Zoya took over the Inside NYC space at 71-21 Austin. You won't notice a difference.

Sonoma Coffee Cafe in AQUA is open. AQUA is the group of prewars and row houses bordered by Ascan ave, Queens blvd, Union tkpe, Austin st.

The CVS at 67th and QB has responded to Rite Aid's closing by still insisting on having only one cashier open no matter the length of the line.

The curtains have been removed at The Wine Gallery space (there's paper blocking the windows) and all Leslie Brown knows is that's it's going to be a "pub". Confirmed via email this weekend. Let's hope it's a good one.

Hasaan's Beauty (next to Dmitry) is gone too. It's next to Dmitry's open space and both have the same sales agent (Sutton Garrett in Manhattan) so my guess is one business will take over both spaces.

So, lots of turnover. But except for the Mandee's/Annie Sez, mostly small spaces.