Thursday, January 10, 2008

Come On, Dad! Please?

Funny piece in today's Daily News about The Hemmerdingers and the Q23. Son Damon runs Atlas Park as we all know. He wants the Q23 (which runs down Austin West) to go to his Shopping Center and has been lobbying for it for years. As luck would have it, last October, his father Dale was named Chairman of the MTA which, of course, oversees the buses.

It sparked some fireworks at last night's community board meeting when the re-routing proposal was brought up.

Irate Queens residents blasted the proposal at a community board meeting last night and were expected to do so again at a property owners' gathering tonight.

"It seems like Atlas gets whatever they want," said Gloria Morgenstern, 45, who lives four blocks away from the mall.

Morgenstern? I thought that was Bunker's house. Did Gloria marry Rhoda? Damn liberals. Other quotes:

But Hemmerdinger's son, who runs The Shops at Atlas Park in Glendale, insisted his powerful dad won't advocate for the stops at the upscale mall.

"He'll have nothing to do with it," snapped Damon Hemmerdinger, the mall's development director. "This is not about him."

I hope father and son win - I'm rooting for Atlas Park to make it. People in Glendale don't seem to mind all the noise and pollution when they drive to Forest Hills.

But Damon seriously, forget about the bus. Can your dad score any of those R160's found on the L line?