Thursday, January 10, 2008

Final Seventy Deuce of 2007

Here it is, The Brass Ring. I submit to you the nominees for 2007 Forest Hills Man of the Year.

Damon Hemmerdinger: 2007 saw the completion of his vision of turning a Central Queens abandoned industrial rail terminal into a outdoor shopping plaza straight out of the OC. Chose Borders and Amish Market over Fedders and Medifraud. Heroic.

Barry Fishbach: One of the main players at RKF responsible for bringing Trader Joe's to Forest Hills. Like Hemmerdinger, saw an eyesore (in this case a huge printing press building) and somehow convinced the hottest franchise in the country to move there instead of Park Slope or the Upper West Side. Even the NY Times couldn't believe it (barely hiding their disdain). Ramifications haven't even been begun to be felt, though Staubach Center is first sign.

Anthony Weiner: The first voice against Congestion Pricing, one of the few who'll take on the scarily powerful Bloomberg. Wisely chooses Forest Hills over Brooklyn. Seen around town on weekends in his beat up Mets hat, never above chatting it up. The next mayor of New York City gets his milk at Natural.

Barbara Stuchinski: You know that school that everybody in the city wants built in their district? She got one for 1900 students a few blocks away. You know that one-family downzoning that everybody in the city is demanding on their blocks, she got it right in the middle of where she lives. Barbara didn't have a good year - she had a great year, and I know she'll take the Man of the Year nominee with good humor. Because from what I hear, she's as tough as any man around.

Steve from Queens Central: It stared with a blog post about Red Hook and ended with a new online town center for Forest Hills and surrounding areas called In between there were appearances on Brian Leher's radio and television shows, an article in Time Out magazine, and a weekly column in Forum West newspaper. Put Forest Hills on the virtual map.