Friday, January 4, 2008

I Am What I Am

Here's that document some in the comments section thought I made up.

As I said in the original post - don't panic. First, it's only a reference number - could be meaningless. Second, it's only a fast food joint, not a maximum security prison. It's really not any worse than Wendy's.

Here's what I think from looking at all the documents I've posted and put in screen shots for your review: I think we're looking at a sit-down buffet style deli. One of those big ones we all have close to where we work. With the soggy dumplings and baco bits. It's only a guess - but all the steam tables requested (and sheer size of UJ's) give me that impression. And quite frankly, Forest Hills needs a place to sit down and eat without long wait service.

That wouldn't explain the reference number however. That one is a mystery. I've emailed Leslie Brown to see if we can do another Ask Leslie segment, but have heard no response. It might be because it was over the holidays. But her site ( did see a pretty big increase in traffic judging from her poll (77% first time visitors) so I hope we can do it again.