Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Burden

It's not easy transforming a shopping district. It's not easy staving off the riff-raff and wishing more stores that catered to Forest Hills residents were here. But one very effective way is to voice what you want with your wallet. So, here's my purchase history for the last 24 hours. I'm trying to give the stores I like my business. Like I said, there is a burden - I could have gotten some of this stuff cheaper at big chain stores. But then you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Tuesday evening:

One set of twin bed sheets at Laytner's. $19.95.
One fleece blanket at Laytner's. $29.95.
One meatball and peppers pizza at Nick's. $18.50.
3 bags of Apple Cinnamon Soy Chips at Natural. $.99 each.
One package of Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream. $3.99 at Trade Fair.

Nothing so far.

Analyzing the data, the Laytner's purchases I'm most proud of. Service is good, selection is nice, and prices are just as good as Bed Bath and Beyond, located in the most horrible place in Central Queens - the Rego Park mall (what do you think that mall will be like the day we get our tax rebates from the Government?). Laytner's also has some excellent furniture downstairs. Please give it a shot before you go to Ikea.

The Nick's pizza purchase. Well, they're the best and yes I could have called somewhere else and probably gotten a bigger pie for a couple of bucks less. But this is the burden I'm talking about. Nick's is crucial to both AQUA and Garpartment residents.

The Natural Soy Chips are actually cheaper than the same ones at Trade Fair ($1.29 there).

The Trade Fair ice cream was a concession, but their ice cream is always cheap and it was late.

More purchase data tomorrow as it comes in. How did you do? No Value Depot "Dirucell" batteries I hope.