Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two More to Go

Two more Seventy Deuces until we close the book on 2007. Hope you had a good New Year. I saw a movie at Cinemart down on Metropolitan. Not the best or cleanest theater in the world, but one preview then the movie starts. No commercials, no stupid intros (we all know there's a concession stand) just one preview then "No Country for Old Men".

Okay, on to the second to last award of 2007. Business of the Year. This one is for the store that had the best performance throughout 2007 - the store that if closed, would be disastrous for Forest Hills. And the nominees are:

Natural Market - Selling wasabi peas before wasabi peas were cool, this mom and pop behemoth is a symbol of the growing affluence of the younger people moving here. If it were ever to go under, and say, a Twin Donuts moved in, it's time to call Margaret Brady.

Danny Brown's - A great restaurant grows in Forest Hills. Possibly spurring the opening of Pampas Argentina (early 2008) and My Kitchen (now open). The face of the new Metropolitan and one of the only sure things in Forest Hills cuisine.

Nick's Pizza - Something has to separate us from the mallification of Austin Street and this helps a lot. A smart, urban pizza place that, if we had 10 more like it from here to Yellowstone, would make Austin a much better place.

Barnes and Noble - An institution for families and something to do for everyone else. Who can't kill an hour or two here? The closest thing we have to a town square.

Banana Republic - Can a mega-chain be underrated? BR has exactly two outer borough street stores - one in Brooklyn Heights and the other on Austin Street. The rest are in Manhattan. Try going into BR corporate headquarters and ask that they consider opening a store in Jackson Heights. You'd get a smile, they'd shake your hand and say "I'm sorry, I know the name is confusing. But Banana Republic is a clothing store".