Thursday, January 3, 2008

Uh Oh

Now don't panic. But the UJ's space has been rented. And as you might have noticed, the reference number for the Department of Buildings is "POPEYES".

Stay calm. Sit down. Further down on the application, a lot of the kitchen equipment is in line with Japanese restaurant that Leslie Brown hinted at was going to be taking over the space in the Forest Hills Ledger last week. Although even in that scenario, all the "steam tables" requested don't exactly spell out Nobu.

Yet questions linger. Why would a reference number be "Popeyes" for a Japanese restaurant. Can Popeyes sustain a place of UJ's size? Probably not, however, it is possible that the owner will break up the space into two restaurants since "minor partition" is part of the renovation as listed on the document. Time will tell. But I'm guessing to some of you, UJ's filthy bathrooms never looked so good.