Tuesday, February 5, 2008

East Side in Transition Part 2

Want more townhouse knock downs? We got 'em. This ad promises an "excellent opportunity for 5 floor retail/office development of 10,000 square feet." It's the townhouse at 108-21 72nd Ave.

You might remember, this same company sold the two townhouses on the same block (108-15/17 72nd Ave.) a few months ago - also marketing it as perfect for a knock down. So looks like the strategy is surround the guy in the middle (108-19 72nd Ave) until his townhouse looks as ridiculous as the one across the street and has to sell.

Don't look for any stellar retail to open up here. Though I love this part of town, it's not on the main strip and I don't know of any top-notch retail that's ever opened on a side street (except for 70th Rd, but that's right next to the subway). Maybe no-name travel/real estate agencies on the first floor with medical offices on the rest.

Why people are in a rush to knock these down while there stands multiple ugly one-story properties on Continental Avenue is beyond me. Let's hope whatever goes here designed with as much care as what it's replacing.

If you care, let your representatives know that you care - even if you're in favor of more development but want it planned and focused.