Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Money - and Parking

Atlas Park owner and Forest Hills 72 Man of the Year Damon Hemmerdinger was spotted on Continental Avenue last week, joined by Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, handing out money. It's part of his own economic stimulus program. He plans to hand out 20K after hitting many Queens business districts. There will also be free parking through June at Atlas Park.

It's a good idea from the creative Hemmerdinger, though I don't know how the Forest Hills merchants feel about a competitve mall campaigning on their turf. But it serves them right with Continental looking like it does in the video. Payless Shoes, that dump of a pizza place, the gross newspaper shop and Broadway Bakery. It's a sad day when the cleanest store front on a block is a cell phone store (AT&T). That's the block we need to upzone and get some real development $$$ up in here.

Otherwise, welcome Hemmerdinger and your money, your free parking, and your constant effort to make our shopping experience a better one. Someday, hopefully, more people will take you up on it.