Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Brooklyn Envy

Brookyn residents on parking permits - Bring 'em on!

A new facet of the city’s congestion-pricing plan would add a fee for Brooklyn drivers looking to park their cars on their own blocks — and if Monday night’s meeting on the proposal is any indication, many residents would line up to pay it.

“Free parking is not a divine right,” said Jo Anne Simon, a Boerum Hill activist. “This is about residents having the ability to park in their own neighborhoods without being crowded and having non-residents use their neighborhoods as a commuter parking lot.”

A round up of what the Brooklyn Pols think (hint, they love the idea):

(Brooklyn Heights Councilmember) David Yassky kept his speech short, pretty much sticking to the sentiment that RPP (residential parking permits) is good because it will "give neighborhood residents first crack at the parking spots on residential streets."

(Park Slope Councilmember) Bill de Blasio opened by saying, "I need to see complete, tangible, absolute progress on RPP before I can think of supporting congestion pricing." He then proposed that RPP zones should be allowed to sprout all over the city in neighborhoods near subway lines, to deter park-and-ride behavior.

DOT Deputy Commissioner Bruce Schaller. . .took pains say that RPP would be available to many neighborhoods on an opt-in basis.

Forest Hills is one of those neighborhoods, but our politicians don't want it. And I just can't understand why - I'm the guy who voted them in office, not the SUV driver from Jericho. Here are the neighborhoods that the DOT says can have residential parking permits if they want them (based on the workshop locations).

Upper East Side
Long Island City
Park Slope
Brooklyn Heights
Fort Greene
Boerum Hill
Forest Hills

And my guess is we'd be the only ones not to opt in. And if we don't opt in, we should vote them out.