Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Are You Doing Here?

Places whose popularity baffle me:

Boston Chicken - Always a long line, despite greasy food, inept staff, horrible layout.

The Midway Theater - Has anyone ever had a good experience here? Wait for the DVD.

Value Depot - Just pay the extra $2 and get it at Duane Reade. Have some self respect for Christ's sake.

Starbucks - Produces more Austin St. litter than McD's, Subway, and Tasti D-lite combined. Is the coffee that much better than a deli's?

Trade Fair - I peeked at the delivery list yesterday- there are people as far away as Briarwood getting deliveries. What is the supermarket like in their towns?

Portofino - Yes the owner is nice, but college dorm food halls make comparable pasta. Packed every night.

Did I miss anything?