Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two Words Actually Worse Than 'Value Depot'

Running unopposed.

It's early, but we're going to have a new Councilmember running the show in District 29 come November 2009. Melinda Katz's term is up. The early handicap from Queens Tribune:

In the 29th CD (Melinda Katz’s seat), former Councilwoman and Deputy Beep Karen Koslowitz will be the favorite but expect former Assemblyman Mike Cohen with the rumored support of Melinda Katz’s club to be in the fray. Lynn Shulman who ran previously has also thrown her hat into the ring.

This site will be very active in this election and we'll welcome comments from the candidates. Six years ago, Melinda Katz won by 8800 votes - and that was a landslide. That means if the readership is what I hope it will be come November 2009, we will have a say who takes office.

Over the next 20 months, we will know exactly what each candidate will do for Forest Hills and vote and campaign for our favorite accordingly. Many of us moved here during the Katz term (and you can't beat an incumbent in NYC - trust me I voted for Ognibene for Mayor in 2005), so this is our first real election.

We'll also give a voice to any of you who want to take a shot at the District 29 seat. Right now the three announced contenders are all Forest Hills veterans and personally, I'd love to see someone new shake things up. Potential candidates just need two things to make a successful run - time and money, which knocks out about 99 percent of us.

However, whoever leads District 29 come November 2009 will definitely not run unopposed.