Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If You Build It. . .

Some of the hardest intel to get about Forest Hills is who these Metropolitan Ave. schools will actually serve. Here's something I dug up from May 2007. It's a transportation study so it's not directly from the Dept/Education so who knows how accurate it is. However, it does have projections of how (and who) will be in attendance come September 2010.

The good news: The high school will be locally zoned.

The bad news: The junior high school won't be.

The 'How They Will Get There' breakdown:


25% of the students will be special ed. to arrive by van or bus.
44% will arrive by NYC Transit (subway or bus).
11% will be dropped off.
10% by school bus.
10% will walk (local residents).
100% of local parents will call Kew Forest School and ask about tuition, just out of curiosity.

65% will walk.
21 % subway or NYC bus.
14 % dropped off.
0% school bus.

Click on the above for screen shots, or download for yourself here: http://source.nycsca.org/eis/metropolitanave/3-7_traffic_and_transportation.pdf